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This collection of GMOD add-ons will show you how amazing this game can be, when it is super-realistic. Here you will find cool features that will make your playing experience truly unique and different from the habitual one. Feel free to use them all whenever you feel so. These add-ons will make your playing so much diverse! Here you will find series called Scars, where you will get an access to numerous new types of technological devices. Also, there is Empty Hand Sweep, the one that gives you weapons in the form of… hands! However, don’t expect that they will make you any stronger – these hands have aesthetic aims only. Move on and try The Sit Anywhere add-on, which allows you to sit on any surface you want, just make sure that it is an edge of the floor or an object. Damage mode will help you make more harm to your opponents that are currently present on the map – sitting somewhere or moving around the place. Weaponizer allows you to use guns and other weapons when moving on the car.
If you remember the developers of GMOD, they are the authors of famous Half Life shooter. This means that you can get a super add-on – Half Life Two Settings, which allows you to bring real damage to your enemies, improve your survival skills, and adjust character’s settings in any way you want. There are so many points to change and improve, so you should try it out for sure. INPC add-on will improve the basic NPC and they will work like a united team. Improve FPS by adding FPS Booster add-on and have fun! Also, there is a Share feature that allows you to include other players into your team and use the add-ons you have installed for yourself. Make Garry’s Mod even more interesting and share it with others – we bet that all of you will surely appreciate such an option! Have fun with these cool features and switch them all to create a full-fledged and brand new Garry’s Mod version! As you already know, all of them are free to use. And you are welcome to apply them to an online game as well as to the offline version – get them all, find the most useful and enjoyable combination of modes, and enjoy your GMOD experience as long as you want to! With add-ons, the game will never get you bored – you can do everything and find new ways to interact with the environment, tools, and other players. Get in!

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