Garry’s Mod 2

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We know that you have been waiting for this to happen! While there are numerous amazing add-ons and cool modes for GMOD located on this platform (and yes, you are welcome to enjoy them all absolutely for free), we have something even greater to present. This is the second part of your favorite sandbox game! All fans have been waiting for this and now you can finally enjoy an access to the second chapter of the most creative and funny building title full of great features, instruments to use, and constructions to create. Here you go! So what is waiting for you in this amazing game? Let’s find out.
First of all, you are welcome to enjoy a great number of brand new features and tools that will help you create new objects and connections between them. Previously, you could make different types of mechanisms with the help of an initial tool kit and numerous instruments as well as materials to try. You can do the same in the second part, of course. But! There is more. There are new types of resources and instruments that might bring unexpected results! However, the most amazing thing is that you will have a chance to create unimaginable types of things, mechanisms, and objects. Some of the present details and tools will help you to project something common like a transport or machine that produces something. However, you could always create objects and structures that come from your imagination! This time, you have even more options for this, because the game is now more open for various inventions and cool stuff to make. There are even more humorous jokes and amazing funny moments and gags in the game. Place the heroes on the map the way you want and make them sit or stand in funny positions! This will surely make your playing experience times funnier.
As you can understand, the initial idea stays the same and the main thing that changes is the content. Of course, why don’t the developers save such a great concept – you have a large open playground where the laws of physics and principles of engineering work perfectly. What is more, there is a room for creativity and jokes here as well. The main difference between the parts is that the second one includes more features and tools to play with. You are welcome to test them all and learn how to apply your already developed skills of building in the marvelous title! Here you go – enter the second chapter of Garry’s Mod and have fun!

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