Garry’s Mod FNaF

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We have gathered a cool collection of top mods that feature FNaF characters! The combination of Garry’s Mod, a sandbox physics game, and a horror title about the crazy animatronics is a perfect cocktail for every gamer who values complicated but extremely entertaining challenges. There are numerous well-known mods where you will meet famous characters from all parts of FNaF series. Models for players, packs, new characters, additional maps, a brand new gameplay is guaranteed! Here you will meet animatronics from all parts of Five Nights at Freddy’s and be ready – they are as bloodthirsty as ever and will try to get and kill you at all costs. Here you will see Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, and other animals! Of course, their master Freddy will be there for you, as well. Get in and do everything to stand against these evil creatures! They will defend the pizza house and you will try to stay alive and unharmed when opposing them during the playing process.
There is also a mode called Entity here. This one is pretty tricky and will surely come to your liking if you are a fan of horrors that include an element of suspense. Jumpscares are your most favorite source of adrenaline? Well, then, this mode will surely impress you. Here you choose a mechanical animal, place it in the environment and wait. When you look at this guy, he doesn’t make a step or move. However, once you turn around, he starts moving towards you! If you will look back at him, he will stop at this moment, but you will see that he is now closer than he was before. This is a pretty creepy thing! A pretty nice and appealing combination of creative simulator where you can build barricades and mechanisms plus horror story of a poor guy that becomes a victim of killing dolls! You will surely appreciate such an idea, especially if you are a fan of both titles. Crossovers are not always that great as this mode, so we insist that you should try playing it! Jump in, create, have fun, and try to avoid being killed by the crazy animatronics. They will surely do everything to get you! You will die from fear at the moment they will appear too close, so you have to be very careful! Enter the game now and have fun! Try to survive as well!

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