Garry’s Mod Star Wars

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Now we are going to present you an amazing map for GMOD – this is the one based on Star Wars. Here you will have a chance to enter a server with this incredible map and try yourself as a soldier of cosmic troops. The map is available for an RP regime, so make sure that you use it! It is not very helpful if you choose another one. And chances are, that it won’t be active if you will try to apply it there. As you may know, RP is translated as Role Play, the game where you choose a particular character and play for him, completing different missions and solving tasks. In this version of the game, you will have to literally become the character of the Star Wars universe and act as he would. You will have to do all the formal movements, including saluting to your commander when you see him and reporting about your deeds. You will have to walk like a soldier, talk like a soldier, and live like a soldier.
Develop your hero despite the position he takes and become the most advanced player on the server! There are numerous improvement opportunities for you, so do your best and increase your level with every mission you accomplish. You can reach the highest title and become a commander yourself – just do your best and show your abilities and skills. There is a wide range of different characters to choose from – not only you can play as a clone, but also a Jedi, Sith, and even droid! Every class has its own privileges and strong parts. The server devoted to Star Wars universe has its own peculiarities. The setting of the game will change with time. Along with the setting, everything else will also become different. So surprises and variable gameplay is waiting for you!

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