GMod Half Life 2

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Welcome to the best game ever – the one that combines two masterpieces produced by the world-known developers who really know how to entertain the audience. This is a cocktail of incredible Garry’s Mod and amazing Half Life 2! This means that you are welcome to play Half Life in the environment of an open and free sandbox of GMOD. Be ready – the game doesn’t provide you with all possible weapons and defense, so you will have to do your best and pass the game without anything like that. You are welcome to enter the game and play it on your own or call your friends to share the process and have fun together. Whether you would like to compete and fight with one another or cooperate as a single team to reach your aims – do both and entertain yourself!
The Half Life version allows you to appear on the maps of Garry’s Mod and play a traditional campaign. Not only you can edit the environment, add objects, interact, and play with them. But also you will have to your best and avoid being killed by the enemies. There is a plenty of different monsters and strange hostile creatures around, so beware and save yourself! Try not to get too close to them – your arsenal is not very advanced. Well, as we have already mentioned, you start the game with empty hands, so you won’t be able to defend yourself when the enemies will attack. Take care and build something with your hands, creating tools, vehicles, and different mechanisms that will allow you to deal with the enemies. Have fun in the process and enjoy! This version is not the only GMOD title we have here, so be sure to check some more! We have uploaded numerous chapters, as well as cool modes and add-ons that will make your playing experience even more amazing. Enjoy them all absolutely for free and have a good time playing Garry’s Mod alone or with your friends! The endless world of creative stuff is waiting for you!

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